Annotating Student Assignments

The Dropbox feature in the Finalsite Learn LMS allows teachers to comment on documents that students submit.

After students upload files to an open Dropbox, teachers will see an "Annotate" button next to each submission:



Clicking the "Annotate" button will open a window displaying the student's document, along with annotation and commenting tools.


2018-08-14_13-02-18.pngUse the Pencil icon to draw shapes on the document using the mouse or trackpad.

2018-08-14_13-02-16.pngThe Comment tool allows you to select a location on the document and add a text comment there.

2018-08-14_13-02-15.pngUse the Print icon to print a copy of the original document (no annotations or comments included).

2018-08-14_13-01-57.pngThe down-arrow icon lets you save a copy of the student's original document.


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