Create direct links to news posts

You can configure your website so that when a user clicks on a News post, the page they see displays a URL that always points directly to that specific article.

Start by creating a new Composer page. Many schools have a 'News' page that's configured to display a list of News posts; it's often a good idea to create the new page under the News page.

Set up a News Post Page

In Composer, create a new page and drop a News element onto it.


Note: You can configure the page settings to hide this page from site navigation so that visitors can't navigate to it except by clicking on a News post. This is important because, unless a user visits this page without clicking a News post, it won't have any content!


On the page content area of this sub-page, place a News element.


Edit the News element's settings by clicking the "gear" icon that appears when you hover over it, and select the "Post" layout.


Next, scroll down and select the checkbox labeled "Override page's title and metadata." This means that the page this element is on will inherit its name, URL, and other attributes from the News Post that it displays, rather than from Composer.


With the element properly configured, save its settings and publish the page.

Now, go to your main "News" page (the page above this one in Composer).

Open the settings of the News element there, and scroll down to the "Open In" section.


Select "Page," and then click the "Choose Page" button.

The Page Picker window that appears will display every page on the site that has a News element on it. Select the new page that you just created.


Save your changes, and you're done.

Going forward, users will click on a News article from a list on your main News page, and will then be taken to a new page that has a custom title and URL derived from the News post they selected. Users can copy the URL from their browser's address bar and share it however they want. Composer will behave exactly as if you had created a unique page for every News post, without your having to actually create each page!

Another major benefit of this approach is that statistics tracking tools like Google Analytics will recognize each user's click as a hit on a unique page. Because traffic to specific pages with unique content is an indicator of a strong and well-maintained website, displaying News stories on individual pages can boost your site's visibility in web searches.

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