Displaying the URL of a specific News post

The Linking Directly to News Manager Posts article describes how you can configure your site to create a unique page for each News post on the fly. This article demonstrates how to configure a News Post to display a specific News post that you choose.

First, go to News Manager and select the News post you want to display from the Post Manager tab.

The News Post ID, which is unique to this post, is displayed in the browser address bar when you're editing the post:


Copy the digits after the '=' sign to your clipboard, or write them down.

Go to Composer, and on the page where you want the News post to appear, add a News element.


Click the gear icon that appears when you hover over it to display its settings.


Select the "Post" element format.


Scroll down to the "General Settings" Section. You'll see a field prompting you to enter a News Post ID.


Next, scroll down and select the checkbox labeled "Override page's title and metadata." This means that the page this element is on will inherit its name, URL, and other attributes from the News Post that it displays, rather than from Composer.


This page will now display the specific News post you selected, and the URL in the browser's address bar will be a direct URL to this specific News post. You can copy the URL and paste it anywhere you need to.

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