News Tools element

The News Tools Element adds even more functionality to the News List, Grid, and Slideshow elements. Use it in conjunction with a News element on the same page to allow users to filter news categories or search posts by keyword or date.


  1. Place a News Tools element on a page that already has a News element on it. Initially, the News Tools element will display a message indicating that it must be linked to an element.


  2. Click the gear icon at the upper-right corner to open the News Tools element settings.

  3. Select whether this will be a "Category Filter" or a "Search" tool. (See below for details of each format.)


  4. Use the dropdown menu in the "Link To" section to choose the News element that this News Tools element will work with. The dropdown menu will populate with the names of any News element on the current page. (If you have more than one News element on this page, it's helpful to give them different names!)

    Note: Once a News Tools element has been linked to a News element, the News element can no longer be deleted. Unlink or delete the News Tools element first in order to delete the News element.


  5. Save your settings.

There's no reason you couldn't use both a Category Filter and a Search element on the same page, acting on the same News element. Just add two News Tools element to the page, select the proper format for each one, and set the "Link To" dropdown menu on both of them to the existing News element.

Element Settings

In addition to the common element settings, the News Tools element includes the following configuration options.

Category Filter

The "Category Filter" element format appears to the end user as a series of checkboxes. The checkbox selections correspond to the Categories established in News Manager.


Clicking a checkbox will display any News articles saved to the corresponding category.


The "Search" format News Tools element appears to site visitors as a search box that can be used on the News articles displayed in the corresponding News element.


Use the radio buttons in the "General" section to set whether the search tool will include a "Keyword Search" text field, start and end "Date Range" fields, or both.


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