Facebook (Feeds source)

The following Facebook features can be used as Feeds sources.

Business (non-personal) pages: Business Pages, such as https://www.facebook.com/finalsite-59975660449, can be entered as either a vanity URL (finalsite) or page_id (59975660449).

When configuring a new Facebook Page source, there's an option to "include posts that mention my page." If you don't elect this, Feeds will only pull in posts that were posted BY your Facebook page. If you do use this configuration, it will pull in both posts that were posted BY your Facebook page, and posts by other users that were posted TO your Facebook page (as long as they are public posts).

Please make sure that your Facebook page does not have age or country restrictions enabled, or this will prevent Feeds from displaying your profile image and potentially cause other problems.

Photo album: You can add a Facebook album as a source to Feeds, provided the album is public. Try viewing the URL when logged out of Facebook to test whether it is public.

If your album is public, the URL should look like: https://www.facebook.com/pg/yourFacebookID/photos/?album_id=808281485921170.

Copy and paste the album ID number (only the number) from that URL, then add a tilde in front of it, like so: ~808281485921170. Enter the ID with the tilde in the "Facebook Page Vanity URL" field on the first tab of the Facebook source window. Feeds should pull in the photos from that album and new posts going forward.

Note: Facebook's API no longer allows you to add a Facebook hashtag or a Facebook group as a source.
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