Facebook (Feeds source)

The following Facebook features can be used as Feeds sources:

Pages: Pages can be entered as either a vanity URL or page_id: be sure to supply one or both when configuring a new Facebook Page source.

When configuring a new Facebook Page source, there's an option to "include posts that mention my page". If you don't elect this, Feeds will only pull in posts that were posted BY your Facebook page. If you do use this configuration, it will pull in posts that were both posted BY your Facebook page, and posts by other users that were posted TO your Facebook page (provided they are public posts). Again, please specify when requesting a new Facebook source.

Photo Album: You can add a Facebook album as a source to Feeds, provided the album is public (try viewing the URL when logged out from Facebook to test if it is public). If it is, your album should have a URL something like: https://www.facebook.com/pg/yourFacebookID/photos/?album_id=808281485921170. Provide us with that id number in order to configure a new Facebook Photo Album source. It should pull in the photos from that album, and then pull in new photos when you add new photos to the Album.

Hashtag: You can read more about Facebook Hashtags here. But in general, they don't work too well.


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