My Facebook Hashtag isn't working

Facebook hashtags are poorly supported by the Facebook API. As a result, we cannot guarantee that any Facebook hashtag posts will appear in your Feed, and we do not recommend making them a key part of your Feeds design/use plans.

A few factors play into whether a Facebook hashtag post is more or less likely to appear in your Feed:

  • Overall popularity of the hashtag. Typically, only very widely and frequently used hashtags are able to be automatically pulled in via the Facebook API that Feeds has to use.
  • The privacy settings of the poster. The post itself, as well as the account of the poster, must be FULLY public in order for Feeds to display the post. Even a single privacy setting enabled on a Facebook account will prevent Feeds from obtaining any of their posts.
  • Whether the post has been created within the last week. More recent posts seem to have a higher likelihood of being eligible to appear within Feeds.

Even if you fulfill the above requirements, there is no guarantee your Facebook hashtag will work on Feeds (or any other social aggregator - this is not an issue with Feeds, but rather with how Facebook shares content out from its platform). In general, it's better to focus on hashtags from other platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr and Vine.

You can always manually add posts to your feed, providing an option to add missing Facebook hashtag posts. Click "Social Media Sources" on the Feeds Moderation Console, then select "Add post manually" next to any Facebook source on your feed. Copy and paste the URL of the missing Facebook hashtag post, and Feeds will attempt to add this post to your feed provided the post, and the user's account, are fully public - although even this is not guaranteed.


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