Twitter (Feeds source)

You can use the following Twitter content formats as sources in Feeds:

Username: Pulls in the tweets of any public user by entering in their Twitter Username. You can find the username in the URL of their Twitter page. For example, the username of is "Finalsite." Enter this into the field to pull in the Tweets from Finalsite.

List: You can pull in the Tweets from a twitter list. To do so:

  1. Find the URL of your list, something like:
  2. Copy and paste the username and list_name part of the URL, like so: mashable/lists/social-media.
  3. Put an asterisk in front of it, like so: *mashable/lists/social-media.
  4. Copy that whole thing, including asterisk, and request it as a new Twitter username source.

The list will pull in all the tweets from that source, and if any new tweets get added to it, it will pull those too.

Hashtag: Keep in mind there are a few caveats to adding twitter hashtag sources.

Search Term: Want to show Tweets from a search term, instead of a hashtag? For example "fundraising" instead of "#fundraising"? We can do this too So for example, pulling in the results of a search for "fundraising" would get any tweets that have the word "fundraising" in them, instead of posts that have the "#fundraising" hashtag.


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