Migrate Page Manager blogs and News Manager articles to Posts

You can convert blogs hosted in News Manager or Page Manager to the Posts blogging module.

For both content sources, the import procedure is largely the same. In News Manager, you will select the posts you want to import. In Page Manager, you will import all of the posts associated with a single Blog Page at once. You can repeat the process as many times as you need to import all of your blog content.

We recommend that you import blogs in small chunks, at least until you are familiar with the process. After content is imported to Posts, you can then move it to specific Boards within the module.

Migrating posts from News Manager

To convert posts from News Manager, start by opening up News Manager and selecting the “Post Manager” tab.


Use the filters at the top of the screen and at the top of each column to display the News articles that you want to convert to Posts.

Select the articles to be converted using the checkboxes, and then click “Migrate Selected.”


The Migration confirmation window appears. Click “Migrate” to confirm your selections and begin the migration process - this may take a few minutes, depending on how many articles you selected to migrate.


Skip down to the “Moving Migrated Posts” section of this article to learn about cleaning up the imported content. The system does not allow you to migrate the article twice, it will display an error.

Migrating blog posts from Page Manager

You can also migrate Page Manager blog posts into Posts. Specifically, you can automatically pull in the posts made to “Blog”-type Page Manager pages. Each Blog Page you import will become a Board, and each entry on that blog will become a separate Post.

To import a Page Manager blog, start by navigating to the blog page in Page Manager. Click “Site Administration” in the module menu to open up Page Manager. From there, navigate to the blog page, and click on the “Unpublished” tab.

You’ll see a “Migrate this blog to Composer” notification at the top of the list of posts.


Click the “migrate” link to begin the migration process. The entire blog and all of its posts will be imported to Posts in one operation, provided that each post has a title.

Moving migrated posts

Regardless of which import method you use, the newly created Posts are created in a new folder, “System,” and a new Board, “Migrated News,” which are created during the import process.

After importing content to Posts, open up the module and go to the “System” folder. Click on the three-dot action menu icon on the “Migrated News” Board, and select “Move to a New Folder.” If for any reason your posts do not seem to be displaying, make sure to check your display settings on your Posts element.


Note: If the author of the blog post no longer has an account on the site, the "author" field will be changed to reflect the user who migrated the news story or blog.

You can then select a destination folder for the contents of the “Migrated News” Board.

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