Feeds Overview


Feeds lets you showcase social media content on your website in real time, automatically integrating content posted to your school’s social channels onto your site using its existing style and interface. Advanced moderation and filtering options ensure that the social media conversations displayed on your site support your school’s communication strategy. Feeds also give you persistent Analytics to evaluate the performance of your social media campaigns.

There are two components to Feeds: the Feeds element, found in the “Social” section of the element library:


And the Feeds Moderation Console, accessed from the Module Menu for Packages 2 and above:


The Feeds element is how you add a Feeds display to a site page. Most of the actual interaction with Feeds content is done in the Moderation Console.

For site visitors, the Feeds element appears as a grid, slideshow or list of social media content, pulled in from your Feeds sources.


Users can click on an individual content item to see more details, as well as a link to the original source and options for sharing on their own social media accounts.


In the Moderation Console, Feeds admins can select individual posts to hide or share, adjust filters, and perform other operations to control what’s included on the website display.


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