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When the Feeds module has been setup on your Composer site, you have control over adding and deleting sources for your Feeds package. You can open the Feeds module from the modules menu, which is on the left sidebar in the Composer software. Feeds will launch in a popup window.

If you've just opened Feeds, it should take you to the live feed screen as shown in the screenshot below.
If you see a different screen, click the Home link at the top of the window. You'll be taken to the new Feeds dashboard and then you click the name of your feed, which should be in bold text. Once you're on the live feed screen, you should see a left sidebar full of options and any social media posts on the right from sources you've already added.

Add a Feeds source

Feeds - Live Feed Screen.png

To add a source in Feeds, first click the red Add Social Media Source button in the top left of the Feeds console as shown above. Then, you'll get the popup window of various social platforms that work with Feeds. Select your platform and then the popup window will display the available options within that social platform for sources. 

Note: Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok must first be connected on the Connected Accounts screen in Feeds before adding the source. See the following articles for additional information on this first step:
- Connecting a Facebook account in the Feeds module
- Connecting an Instagram account in the Feeds module

If you've already connected the account and are ready to add the source for one of those platforms, proceed with adding the source.

Add A Source 2024.png

Type or paste in the page or account name, choose any of the checkbox options for that source (such as retweets), and click the Create Source button. The Feeds console should show a spinning icon and refresh after a few seconds. Please note this could take up to 30 seconds in some cases. You should then see the newly added account in the list of sources for your Feeds package.

You can click the Social Media Sources tab and see a list of all the sources added so far, as well as any red warning icons for sources that have expired connections.

Not all social platforms offer the same options for possible types of sources in Feeds. Each social platform places different restrictions on their API.

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Delete a Feeds source

You can delete a source in Feeds by clicking the Social Media Sources tab, then the arrow next to the desired source. A dropdown menu of options will appear under that source. Click delete, then press OK in the popup warning window. If you are deleting multiple sources, the popup warning will only appear the first time.


Configure Feeds sources

Your Feeds package has a set number of maximum allowed sources and the number varies by package. If you reach your limit and wish to add additional sources, please reach out to your Client Success representative.

If you wish to delete an existing source to add a new source in its place, you can do so in the Feeds console. Please note that any Feeds elements on your website will also need to be updated to show that new source in the results of that Feeds element.

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