Set up an eNotice

On the Dashboard or eNotices tab of eNotify, select the green "Create new eNotice" button to begin. On the Compose eNotice screen, set up your To, From, and Subject information, as well as other options.


The "To" section presents four green buttons with different ways to address your eNotice. Use one or all of the following methods to craft your recipient list:

  • Lists: Send your eNotice to one or more Mailing Lists.
  • Dynamic filters: Use a Dynamic Filter to create a custom list of recipients from Constituent Manager.
  • Groups: Select one or more groups from Groups Manager to receive your eNotice.
  • Constituents: Choose individual members from Constituent Manager.

“From” indicates the address from which the eNotice will appear to be sent. Any replies to the eNotice, however, will be directed to the address selected from the "Reply To" dropdown menu. Manage these addresses using the Sender Address Manager on the eNotices tab. The "From Label" is what will appear in the user’s inbox, and if left blank it will default to the reply-to address.

Enter a subject line for your eNotice, and (optionally) select whether it is of High, Low, or Normal importance. Indicate whether the message is a solicitation, and decide whether to include an unsubscribe link (mandatory) and forward to a friend link. If you are using an eNotify Template, you’ll also have options for the unsubscribe and forward links in the Message Editor.

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