Compose an eNotice

After you've set up your eNotice, there are up to four options for how to compose your message: template, HTML, plain text, and site page.


Templates are a way to create a fully designed, responsive, styled email to your constituents. You have to create a template first before it can be used to generate individual emails.

Once you have a template created, it will be saved in your template library and available for new eNotices. To attach a template to your eNotice, choose the "Template" tab, then click the "Select Template" button. Choose a template from the popup, then select the blue "Open Message Editor" button.


The Message Editor is identical to the Template Editor and performs all the same functions; however, making changes to the individual eNotice will not affect the template. The converse is also true: New changes made to the template after you've begun editing an individual message created from it won't affect the message.

Refer to the Templates section of the Knowledge Base for more information about editing templates.


If you're a whiz with code and want the ultimate level of control over the appearance of your eNotice, you may choose to enter your HTML content into the plain-text editor that appears when you choose this option. Please note that, due to the open-ended and profoundly complex nature of HTML emails, Support will not be able to help you troubleshoot any custom HTML that you create for your eNotices.

Plain Text

If you don't have time for frills and embellishments and just want to send a quick, plain-text message that's absolutely guaranteed to reach every recipient, choose this option.

Site Page

This option is only available to sites using Page Manager.

This feature is still available but is effectively deprecated - website pages have become so much more complicated than email messages that sending a page as an email is virtually guaranteed to result in error messages and unsupported features for the recipient. The best practice by far is to copy any relevant information from the page to a new, customized eNotice.

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