Instagram (Feeds source)

In the Feeds module, there are three possible Instagram source types -  Username, Reels, and Hashtag.


To create an Instagram username source for traditional photo posts, Instagram requires that you first connect your account. You can only display posts from an owned Instagram account, which is an account you have the login credentials for. You cannot display posts from unowned Instagram accounts, unless pulled in via a hashtag source. For additional information, see our article about connecting an Instagram account in the Feeds module.

Once you have connected the account, you can then add the Instagram username into the Instagram source window and display the posts. You can connect multiple Instagram accounts on the "Your Social Connections" screen, which will then allow you to add multiple Instagram accounts as a source.

Instagram is now allowing Reels posts to be displayed by third-parties. You can now add a Reels source in the Feeds module, but Instagram considers it a separate source from the traditional Instagram photos. Reels are the newer short video format for posts.

To display a Reels source, you first need to connect the Instagram account on the "Your Social Connections" screen in Feeds. If you've already connected the same named Instagram account for using an Instagram username source, then that connection should satisfy the requirement for both the username and Reels source. Proceed to adding the Reels source in Feeds.

To display posts from Instagram based on a hashtag, you must connect an Instagram Business account to Feeds. This step is required by Instagram and its parent company, Meta. If you do not have an Instagram Business account, you must create one first or switch a personal Instagram account to a business one. 

Please note that hashtag capability is more restricted by Instagram and other platforms than in the past. See our article on why you may be missing hashtag social media posts in Feeds.


Feeds is unable to obtain Instagram Stories or Comments because the Instagram API does not support this for third-party services at this time. Feeds is also unable to obtain posts from Instagram that the network has flagged for potential copyright infringement (such as use of popular music). 

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