Instagram (Feeds source)

The following Instagram features can be used as Feeds sources.

Username: To create an Instagram Feeds source, Instagram requires that you connect your account. As of April 4, 2018, you can only display posts from an owned Instagram account, which is an account you have the login credentials for. You cannot display posts from unowned Instagram accounts, unless pulled in via a hashtag or location source. For additional information, see our article about connecting social media accounts.

Once you have connected the account, you can then add the Instagram username into the Instagram source window and display the posts. You can connect multiple Instagram accounts on your Connected Social Accounts page, which will allow you to display the posts from each corresponding account as a source. 

Hashtag: Pull in any public posts from an Instagram hashtag by clicking the "Hashtag" tab on the Instagram source window and entering the hashtag. Type in your hashtag without the # symbol.

Location: You can pull all the posts from a location that someone has tagged in their Instagram photo. On the "Location" tab of the Instagram source window, enter the location_id, if you know it.

To find the location ID, search for the location in Instagram. Click on the location in the list of results, and copy the number that appears in the location's URL. If you don't see the location in the list, sometimes too many locations are too close together, and Instagram only returns a small number of locations in a search. 


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