Instagram (Feeds source)

The following Instagram features can be used as Feeds sources.

Username: To create an Instagram Feeds source, Instagram requires that you connect your account. As of April 4, 2018, you can only display posts from an owned Instagram account, which is an account you have the login credentials for. You cannot display posts from unowned Instagram accounts, unless pulled in via a hashtag or location source. For additional information, see our article about connecting social media accounts.

Once you have connected the account, you can then add the Instagram username into the Instagram source window and display the posts. You can connect multiple Instagram accounts on your Connected Social Accounts page, which will allow you to display the posts from each corresponding account as a source. 

Hashtag and Location: Updated July 2019 - Because of changes to the Instagram API, we're no longer able to fetch Instagram hashtags and location posts. This means new hashtag and location sources can no longer be added, but existing sources of this kind should continue to show the existing posts. If there are any changes by Instagram to allow for hashtag and location sources to work again, we'll update the article at that time.


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