Youtube (Feeds source)

You can use a YouTube source to include these YouTube content formats in your Feed.

Username: If you want to pull in a user's uploaded videos, you can do so using their username from their URL. The URL comes in a few different formats, but generally looks like one of the following:


Copy the channel ID or "Finalsite." If you want to ensure that you only display videos made by that user (and not videos that appear in their profile by other users), it's best to add /videos to the end, as in: Finalsite/videos.

Playlist: You can pull in the videos from a specific playlist, as well. Enter the playlist ID from the URL of the playlist, which looks something like this: and add an asterisk before it, like so: *PLuKg-Whduhklge1dMCGsemN1Qr_ODqjtZ . 

Hashtag: YouTube's hashtag support is unreliable, but they do offer it. You do not need to include the # symbol when adding the hashtag as a source.

Search Results: If you want to pull in posts that have a certain word in the title or description, but it's not a hashtag, you can add the search term with an asterisk before it, for example, *finalsite, into the YouTube Hashtag field and it will pull in all videos that contain that word in its title or description.

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