Pinterest (Feeds source)

Pinterest has a few quirks on Feeds due to the way their API is set up.

Firstly, Pinterest doesn't return a "pinned at" time, so Feeds has no way of knowing what order the posts were created in. So when you add a Pinterest source to Feeds, you may see all the Pinterest posts showing up at the top. This is because Feeds sets the "pinned at" time to the current time when they're pull them in. So at first all the posts will be at the top, but as Feeds continues to pull in new content, everything will begin to order itself correctly.

Additionally, if you are having trouble with your Pinterest images not showing up, and you live outside the US, please contact support, as Pinterest sometimes has issues displaying images in https outside the US.

You can use the following Pinterest features as Feeds sources:

Username: Pulls in all the pins of a user, across all of their boards.

Board: Pulls in the pins of a specific board. Provide us the URL fragment for that board to setup the source. So if you wanted to pull in all the pins on this board,  send us: fooddaze/travel

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