Preview an eNotice

For all four Compose options, you can preview your message by selecting the Preview Notice button on the Compose eNotice screen.

If your message includes Dynamic Content, the Preview window will display live data (not placeholder content).

You can also send a test version to yourself to preview the notice in your own inbox. Select the "Send Test" option and fill in your email address to send the eNotice to yourself.

The preview and test send will not populate the personalization fields, because there aren’t any constituent recipients to draw from. To preview personalization fields, it is necessary to do a full send using Constituent Manager. You can enter yourself as a recipient using the Constituent "To" button.

For a Template eNotice, you also have the option to preview the eNotice inside the Message Editor using the eye "Preview on Desktop and Mobile" icon. The preview that appears offers the option to switch between a full-size screen view and a responsive, mobile view.


To close the preview, click the X in the top-right corner.

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