Attach Files to group space bulk emails

Due to the possibility of bulk email with attachments being marked as spam by e-mail providers, we do not allow teachers/group space admins to attach files to their emails. However, admins can link to files that they have uploaded to File Manager within an email. This allows recipients to download the linked files exactly as if they had been attached to the email.

  1. In a group space, navigate to the “Members” tab and select “Bulk e-mail.” Then, select the appropriate recipients for the bulk email.

  2. After typing the message, highlight the text that will link to the file, and click the "link" icon. 

  3. Click the link icon. Then, select the icon next to the link URL to browse personal files.


  4. Upload the file to "Public Personal Files." This means that site users will not be required to log-in to view the file. If a log-in is desired, upload the file to the "Public Private Files" section.


  5. Click on the name of the file that you want to include in the email to add a link to that file in your email. This link will allow the user to access the file once the e-mail is received.
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