Add extra credit assignments

Teachers can give students extra credit by creating a new "Extra Credit" gradebook assignment.

  1. Click the "New Entry" button to create a new gradebook assignment.

  2. Select the "Extra Credit" assignment option.


  3. Choose a category, if desired. If category grades are weighted relative to one another, then the extra credit points assigned will be weighted according to the category settings. 


  4. Give the assignment a title and due date, then save.
  5. On the Gradebook Roster or Assignment screens, use the grade fields to assign extra credit points to each student.


    The extra credit entry will not have a set grading scheme or max points, but will simply allow teachers to add points, bumping up the student's average.

Here is a quick video without sound showing the process of adding an extra credit entry, inputting points for a student, and the resulting increase in grade average.

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