Faculty datasheet template

Use this datasheet template to fill out faculty data, then send it to Finalsite Support in a "Data Upload" ticket. We'll update your site's database to include this information. 

Alternatively, follow the instructions in Upload constituent data to Constituent Manager to import the completed datasheet yourself.

How to use this datasheet

The first column of the datasheet is the ImportID. This code can be any combination of letters and numbers, as long as it is unique to the constituent.

The Username and Password columns will be used to generate portal logins for constituents. Usernames must be unique across all roles.

The rest of the columns in the datasheet correspond to profile fields in Constituent Manager. You may delete any columns that you won’t be using. If there are fields in your profile that aren’t included on the datasheet, you can make a new column for them, as long as the header matches the field name in Constituent Manager.

The Location and Department columns will create groups for the constituents in Group Manager, where you can manage the membership later. Be careful that the data in these columns is correct and consistent, so you don’t create two different groups for “Art Department” and “Arts Department.”

Constituents can have up to four email addresses in their profiles: one each for home, school, work, and a generic email. Copy the email address from one of the other columns into the email_primary column to set this value in the constituent profile.


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