Bulk adding hidden admins

You can bulk add hidden admins to group spaces through the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Modules > LMS Manager > Utilities


  2. Click “Select Admin” button under the “Admins” column.


  3. Choose the admins you would like to add as hidden admins to a set of group spaces.


  4. Under the “Groups” column, select the groups you would like to add the person to.


  5. Click “Apply Selections”
  6. A warning will pop up asking you to confirm, click “Ok” if the number of groups and admins seem correct.

Due to the nature of hidden admins, we cannot bulk remove hidden admin status. Please make your selections carefully using this feature.

If the “Apply Selections” button is greyed out or un-clickable, make sure you have selected both an an admin and a group space.

You can also select all of the subgroups of a node once the top level node is expanded.


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