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What is Messages XR?

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Messages XR (Extended Reach) makes it easy to send a message to all of your channels at the same time. Send messages as emails, SMS texts, voice calls, social media posts, mobile app notifications, and website alerts all in the same screen.

New interface in 2024!

Messages XR is being upgraded with a new user interface and experience (UI/UX) in 2024, speeding up and improving your process of sending messages out. Fewer clicks means faster communication. Enjoy the new features you’ve requested, such as the automatic pre-filling of your message into channels and automatic translation. Learn more about how to early opt-in to the upgrade in the article, "New Messages XR Interface 2024."


New benefits include: 

  • simplified recipient selection
  • prefilled message screens
  • automatic translation
  • faster channel selection
  • single-scroll preview panel
  • schedule, review, and send all in one screen!

Publish everywhere from one place

Prepare your messages, alerts and posts all in one place and send them all at once via: email, SMS text, voice phone call, mobile app notification, social media, and website alert. Easy-to-send mass notifications and alerts will improve your school's response time so you can put student and staff safety first.

Send messages on the go

Create, send, and schedule messages from your mobile device. Gone are the days of waking up at 5:00 a.m. and getting to your computer to send out a mass message. With our companion app Finalsite Central, get messages out quickly and easily from anywhere.

Boost parent satisfaction

Give parents and staff control over how and where they receive notifications. Enable parents to select how they'd like to receive messages and notifications through custom options that matches their individual preferences. Sending out a text, voicemail, or maybe the combination of a mobile app notification and an email with more info helps your community to be happier, connected, and more engaged than ever before.

Easily translate content

Translate messages into your families' preferred languages. All your communications can be translated into the recipient's preferred language before you hit send! Messages are translated automatically, and you can preview and edit translations before sending.

Ensure accuracy with integrations

Integrate with your SIS. Ensure messages are sent to parents and staff with the most up-to-date and accurate contact data when you integrate with your SIS or other information systems. We integrate with 40+ SIS and SSO systems so it's likely our system can talk to yours!

How can Messages XR work for you?

Messages XR adds SMS, voice, and social media to your communication channels beyond what Messages offers. Contact your Client Success Manager or email to learn more about how to get started.

It's helpful to think about what your goals are and how your school plans to use Messages XR. Will you be sending vital alerts, such as notifying your community about snow days or bus delays? Or do you want to broadcast news about upcoming events and fundraisers to the entire community? How you plan to reach out determines who can be subscribed to a list, which channels to use, and how users consent to receive messages.

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