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What is Messages XR?

Messages XR (extended reach) makes it easy to send emails, SMS texts, voice calls, mobile app notifications, and website alerts in one place. Now you can even push messages to social media channels. Benefits include:

Reducing your workload and improve response time. Prepare your messages, alerts, and notifications all in one place and send them at the same time.

Giving parents and staff control over how and where they receive notifications. Enable parents to select how they'd like to receive messages and notifications through custom options that match their individual preferences.

Saving time by pushing a created message to Facebook and X (Twitter) pages. Stay in Messages XR and share your messages on the social media pages your community is already familiar with.

Translating every message into your families' preferred languages. Every message sent through Messages XR can be translated into the recipients' preferred language before you hit send!

Streamlining your processes with message scheduling. All of your communication channels are synced and scheduled for release when you're ready,

Integrating Messages XR with your SIS to ensure data is current. Ensure messages are sent to parents and staff with the most up-to-date and accurate contact data when you integrate Finalsite Messages XR with your SIS or other information system.

How can Messages XR work for you?

It's helpful to think about what your goals are and how your school plans to use Messages XR. Will you be sending vital alerts, such as notifying your constituents about snow days and illness outbreaks? Or do you want to broadcast news about upcoming events and fundraisers to the entire community? How you plan to reach out determines who can be subscribed to a list, which channels to use, and how users consent to receive messages.

Important Announcements

Important announcements can be sent only to constituents who have accounts in your system, and the user grants consent by giving you their contact information. Important Announcements may be sent via:

Promotional Messages

Unless your message is absolutely vital, you'll need to give people a way to opt out, according to US and international laws. While they may still be important, any message that's not required to fulfill your contract with the constituent is considered a promotional message. Members of your community can sign themselves up to receive messages via:

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