Configure Lists for Promotional SMS Messages

If you intend to send SMS text messages as “Promotional,” there are two steps that must happen:

  1. Allow the list to send SMS notifications
  2. Adjust the list's privacy setting

To change any of the settings for a list — including enabling the list for XR channels and allowing users to opt in — open the list and click the “Settings” icon on the bottom right of the screen. The List Settings window has three tabs, “General,” “Permissions,” and “Privacy.”

Allow SMS notifications

To get a list ready to send SMS text messages, enable the "Allow SMS Notifications" checkbox in the General tab. 

List settings opened to the General tab with the checkbox Allow SMS Notifications highlighted


Edit the contents of the “Name” field on the “General” tab to change the list’s name. Remember that list names are visible to end users when subscribing to or unsubscribing from the list!

Status Change Email(s)

Status change emails are notifications sent to a site admin whenever a list subscriber changes their subscription status (subscribed to unsubscribed, and vice versa).

Adjust privacy setting

The Privacy tab determines who is allowed to subscribe to this mailing list. In order to send promotional messages by SMS text or push notification, you must allow users to sign up for the list themselves.

A list is restricted to "Admin only" by default, creating a completely private list. Edit the settings to open the list to "Everyone", or make it available for only certain constituents to opt in.

To select only members of a given role or group, click the “Constituents Only” button, and select the desired group(s). 

List settings opened to the Privacy tab displaying the three options available

Now, constituents will be allowed to opt in and subscribe to lists in order to receive promotional SMS text messages.


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