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Finalsite Central is a free companion app for Messages and Messages XR admin users, providing the ability to draft, send, and review messages from a mobile device. The app is easy to download and use for all skill levels.

Free and easy to download

Finalsite central login screen (1).png

Log in to your Finalsite Central app through the use of a 3-digit access code found on your Messages Dashboard. Be prepared to enter the following information: 

  • Username: The username you use to log in to your Finalsite CMS.
  • Access Code: The 3-digit access code can be found in the Access Messages On-the-Go box on your dashboard.

finalsite central app messages dashboard access code.png

Click Next and then, on the following screen, enter:

  • Password: Your Finalsite password.

Click Get QR Code to scan the code and quickly pre-fill both the username and access code onto your home screen. If you have not already downloaded the app, you will first be taken to the app store of your choice to complete the download before the same information will be pre-filled into your login fields.

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Access existing messages

The opening screen displays messages and folders. Choose a new folder or select a message you would like to open.

messages inbox screenshot (1).png   

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Edit previously created messages

Create a new message

Tap on the plus sign in the middle of the bottom toolbar to start a brand-new message.

plus sign in bottom of messages list.png

Complete the field Internal Name, select the Folder, choose the Message Type, and, finally, Select Recipients. 

Enter your text or edit your message and then when Save is clicked, your message will be saved as a draft to access again on the Finalsite Central app or CMS web platform.  Preview before continuing to the next channel. Schedule to send if you'd like to send at a later moment in time. A confirmation screen appears once the message has successfully sent.

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Send messages via email, SMS, voice, and Mobile app

With Finalsite Central, the message you create in the email channel will be prefilled into the SMS, voice, and Mobile app channels. You can send an SMS with a limit of 160 characters and a Voice message using either Text-to-Speech or by recording your voice.

    all channels gif.gif        

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