Known Issue: Twitter Icon Change

Updated 09/21/23

Finalsite has begun updating the cases of the Twitter icon to the new X icon throughout the software. Here is where you will be seeing the new X icon:
  • The Messages module should already show the X icon. This should be noticeable when creating a new message that has the social icons or using a template that has the social icons.
  • The Feeds module should now have the X icon updated as of 09/21. You should also see any label for Twitter now say "X(Twitter)" for clarity. The Feeds element is still being worked on to update the X icon.
  • The Social Media Connections module and Post element social share buttons should be seeing the new X icon with the next Composer software release. 

Most clients also have a set of icons for the design of their specific website and these include the social media icons. These social icons are usually in the footer, but can occasionally be in the header, some section on the homepage, or an interior page.

Since we provide a custom set of icons for the design of most websites, this specific update of the Twitter to X icon must be done individually for each client. Please submit a ticket to the Finalsite Support team if you would like the Twitter icon updated to the X icon. We will provide more detail in your ticket about when we will be able to update the X icon for you.

Should you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team. Your feedback is crucial to us and we always appreciate hearing from you.

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