Known Issue: RESOLVED - Some Instagram Photos Not Showing In Custom Feeds Treatments

Update 10/02/23
The majority of Instagram photos should be showing once again in a custom Feeds treatment. This was a two-part issue:

The first part was a bug on the Juicer side that caused broken images to be cached and served as successful responses in some Instagram sources. Juicer has worked to fix this on their end.

The second part is a bug on the Instagram API side, which is not sending updated media URLs when the original ones expire in some cases. This has been an unpredictable bug on the Instagram side and a permanent solution is still being looked into, but as of now you should be seeing the majority of Instagram photos again for the custom treatments.

Posted 09/26/23
Finalsite is aware of an issue specific to custom treatments of the Feeds element. For Instagram sources, you may not see all Instagram photos for the posts pulled into the element. Our partner Juicer that powers the Feeds module is aware of the issue and looking into a resolution. The default grid and slideshow view of the Feeds element should continue to be showing all Instagram photos. We will update this page once we hear more or can confirm the matter is resolved.

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