Veracross OAuth Conversion FAQ

This FAQ article aims to provide you with all the necessary information to understand the transition process to the OAuth application in Veracross and address any concerns you may have.

Why are we changing to the OAuth version of Veracross authentication?
OAuth is a secure authentication protocol that allows users to grant third-party applications limited access to their resources without sharing their credentials. By implementing OAuth for Veracross authentication in Finalsite, you enhance security and streamline the login process for your users. On July 31, 2024, Veracross will discontinue support for the legacy version of their authentication.
What is the change in user experience after switching to OAuth?
When you switch to the Veracross OAuth sign in method, users will no longer enter a password into your Finalsite log in page. Instead, we will enable a "Staggered Login" for your site, and after entering a username, users will be redirected to Veracross, to sign in. Upon successful authentication, they are redirected back to Finalsite and logged in automatically.
How does the "Staggered Login" work?
"Staggered Login" is a feature that displays only the username field on the login page/form in Finalsite. If the username entered is for a user that whose roles use Veracross authentication, they will be redirected to Veracross to sign in. Users who authenticate via Finalsite will still see the password field instead of being redirected.
What happens to legacy Single Sign-On (SSO) links after switching to OAuth?
Legacy SSO links will no longer be functional after transitioning to OAuth authentication. However, you can link to protected pages within Veracross, ensuring that users who have signed into Veracross are directed to the appropriate areas.
Can we test and configure OAuth without disrupting our users' experience?
Yes, OAuth can be tested and configured without affecting your users' experience. This allows you to set up the authentication system well in advance, minimizing disruptions and ensuring a smooth transition.
What options are available for users authenticating via Google in Veracross?
Finalsite offers a dedicated Google Authentication login method that could be setup as an alternative to redirecting users to Veracross, then having users sign into Google in Veracross. It's important to consider that if you choose to implement Finalsite's Google Authentication, links to protected pages in Veracross would not work without first signing into their system.

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