EU Cookie Directive

The EU Cookie Law is a piece of privacy legislation that protects consumers by making sure they're aware of how information about them is collected and used online, and by giving consumers a choice to allow (or disallow) the collection of personal data by each site they use. It requires websites to get consent from visitors to store or retrieve any information entered via a computer, smartphone or tablet.

Consent is usually achieved via an automatic pop-up that appears over site content, informing users of how their personal information will or will not be saved and used on that site. Users can click through a consent confirmation to indicate that they want to continue using the site.

Such a popup can be displayed automatically for all site users by adding a snippet of third-party code to each Theme in use on your site.

Many Finalsite clients have had success using Cookie Consent by Insights:

Under the "Download" section, you can configure and generate a code snippet that can then be added to your site. Your school's privacy policy can also be linked to the popup that appears, here:

Once this code is generated, it can be pasted into each Theme on your site, as necessary.

This can be done in Composer: Click on the top menu in the Composer bar at the left until you reach the main menu, then select "Themes."


Once there, paste your code snippet in the large text field under the "External Assets" section: 


The code snippet will be added to the theme, and a cookie consent popup window will appear for consumers when they visit your site.

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