Limiting grade levels by age in Apply

In FinalsiteApply, admins can limit the available grade levels for parents to choose from based on date of birth and enrollment year of the applicant. This is available on the Application form, Registration of Interest form, Tour registration form, and Open Day registration form.

Steps Prior to Enabling

Before enabling the age calculator, please ensure that your ApplicationRegistration of Interest, and Tour type forms are formatted with the Date of Birth and Enrollment Year fields above the Grade field. We strongly suggest removing the Grade field from any Supplementary, Re-Enrollment, and Questionnaire type forms if you do not want parents to be able to change the grade level on those forms. You can edit your forms by navigating to Settings > Forms and clicking on the name of the form you'd like to edit.


Enabling the Age Calculator


Navigate to Settings > Admissions > Program and choose Suggested mode or Restricted modeSuggested mode will automatically select a grade level based on the age range, but the parent will have the ability to override the suggested grade level. Restricted mode will select a grade level based on the age range, and only an admin will have the ability to override the grade level chosen.

Once you have enabled the desired mode, please follow the below steps to set up the age calculator. The date ranges you enter should be for the Current Academic Year. The system will automatically calculate the date range for future academic years as one year later.


1. Fill in the first Date of Birth field for the first enabled grade level.

2. The second Date of Birth field will always default to one year after the first Date of Birth field, but you can adjust the second field as needed.

3. By clicking the arrow icon next to the Date of Birth field, you can auto-fill all fields below within the program to be the same date one year earlier.

4. The age range will automatically calculate in the Age field in the format years.months-years.months. Click Save Changes when you are done.

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