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Site Admins can use the Personal Reports Composer element to distribute report cards (or other similar documents) to individual constituents and/or their parents.

This article will walk admins through the process of preparing Report documents, uploading them to Constituent Manager, and configuring a Composer page to distribute those reports to the corresponding site users.

Before you begin, you’ll need to have your report cards (or other personal report documents) ready to go. Many schools upload PDF files for their reports, but there’s no requirement that you do so.

Note: You must follow a very specific naming convention personal report files:

  1. Each file must have a unique filename that corresponds to the importID of each constituent you’re trying to reach. (For example, if you are posting report cards, each individual report card file must include the unique importID for the student it corresponds to.)

  2. The filename should begin with the importID, followed by an underscore.

  3. Everything prior to the last underscore in a filename will be considered the importID. (This means that your importIDs CAN contain underscores, but they must also be followed by an underscore if that is the case.)

If you don’t know the importIDs for your constituents, you can obtain those by exporting the users from Constituent Manager.

Once you’ve got your report files saved with the appropriate names and importIDs, you can then import them to Constituent Manager.

  1. Open Constituent Manager.

  2. Click “Settings” at the upper-left.


  3. Select “Import Data.”


  4. Select “Constituent Reports.”


  5. Give this report a title (e.g., “Spring 2018 Report Cards”) and a “Date Posted” date - these will be visible to report recipients.

  6. Select the appropriate role (Reports can only be uploaded to one role at a time).

  7. Choose the Origin for these users - basically, where does their data “live?” If you have an integrated student information system for these constituents, select that.

  8. Use the “Browse” button to navigate to the folder on your computer where your Report files are saved. (If they are all saved together in a .ZIP archive, be sure to select the “Decompress Zips” checkbox!)

  9. Mash that Upload button! The upload will take a few minutes. When it’s finished, a confirmation screen will indicate if any of the reports’ importIDs could not be read with an “importID mismatch” error. Reports uploaded successfully will show an “OK” confirmation.

Now that the files have been uploaded and associated with the proper users, it’s time to display them on the site.

  1. To do this, navigate to (or create) a page on your site that users must login in order to view.

  2. Add a “Personal Reports” element to the page.


When a user visits the page, the Personal Reports element will pick up on the user’s importID, and display the corresponding Report file available for users in their role.

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  • PLEASE NOTE: The import ID needs to be at the beginning of the file name.

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  • Hi Penelope, what a great point! I've updated this article to more strongly reflect that requirement. Thanks for highlighting it!

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