Display Resources with a Post

What goes better with Posts than Resources? Posts users can create a personalized Resource collection for their post and have it display in a Resource element alongside the Single Post element.

Add Resources to post

Adding Resources to a post is simple! Navigate to the Posts module and open the Post you wish to add Resources to. Then, click on the “Attach Resources” button underneath the “Thumbnail & Resources” section of the Edit Post screen. A Resources screen will appear. Click on the “+ Add Resource” button to add as many resources as you want. Once complete, click “Back to Post” and return to the Edit Post screen. Finally, click "Update" (at the bottom right of the screen) to save the changes.

Display Resources alongside Posts

There are two components required to display a Post’s Resource collection in Composer: A Post element set to Single format, and a linked Resource element. Place both these elements on your page and configure them however you’d like. Expand the “Link To” menu of the Post element and choose “Element.” From the dropdown list, select your Resource element. 

Finally, make sure your Post List, Grid, or Slideshow element is set to open up the full article in that Single Post element, whether it’s on the same page or a different page. That way, when a post with Resources is clicked, the post will open in the Single Post element, which will trigger the Resource element to display the Post’s Resources.

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