Use the Find A Student search to view Grade and Attendance Data

Many schools have been interested in the ability to give principals, heads of school, division heads, etc., access to reports and/or attendance for all students, or students by division. Previously, the only way to do so was to make them hidden admins in all group spaces and attendance admins.

With "Administrative Access" site admins can add groups to allow specific users access to all student attendance records and grade reports.

In Groups Manager, create a top-level group called LMS Admins. Add whoever needs all student access to this group.  If you have a number of schools created in LMS Manager (Upper, Middle, Lower, etc.) and want to divide up who has access to which students, create subgroups under the LMS Admins top-level group, named for each School. Then add users per School, so they only have access to the students' information they need.

Finally, turn on this administrative access in LMS Manager. There are two steps. For each School, select the appropriate group here:


Then, check off Enable "Find A Student" to turn this feature:


Once these groups have been created, the feature has been enabled, and users have been added, administrative users can log in and see the "Find A Student" search bar in the upper right-hand corner of their Groups Dashboard.



If both Reports and Attendance are turned on, when you search for a specific student using the Find A Student search, you will see two icons appear, one for attendance and one for reports:



Click here for a short video showing how this will look for your admins.



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