Allow Students to Re-Take Quizzes

Teachers can choose to individually schedule quiz re-takes for students. This could be used for a variety of reasons, such as mastery learning, when a student might need another try on the assessment, or if the first quiz was a practice quiz.

In order to schedule a re-take for the student, they must first take the quiz. Once they have completed and submitted the quiz, the re-take icon will appear next to their quiz result.



Once the teacher selects the retake icon, they will be presented with a screen where they can schedule and time the quiz.


Next they will select "schedule" and a second quiz instance will appear on the student's record.



Once the student has taken the re-take of the quiz, the teacher can grade the second attempt (or it will be auto graded if there are multiple choice and true/false questions). Once that is complete the teacher will then record a final score which will be recorded in the gradebook. We do not automatically populate a final score as the teacher may want to use the highest score or perhaps the average of the two scores together. Leaving this field for the teacher to fill out gives the system additional flexibility.

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