Welcome to the new support portal!

In honor of "Spring Cleaning" this April at our headquarters in New England, we have spruced up our support portal with a new look! Have feedback? Feel free to reach out via our Feedback Form.

We will be continuing to update articles and information to reflect our new design, but we just couldn't keep it under wraps any longer. 

A few new features to point out:

The Top Navigation

Our top navigation has been expanded! It continues to contain the "My Tickets" link as well as the way to submit a support ticket, however, it has additional links to our new Community and Ideas portals! Check out our April 14th Release notes for more information about these portals. 


The Secondary Navigation



This section will house all of our important up-to-date information about our software, maintenance information. We strongly suggest clicking the "Subscribe" button so you get updates when we post to this section. 

Subscribe button highlighted in pink on section page.



Our classic one-stop-shop for datasheets, icons, and more is located here for easy access. 

How to Contact Support:

This section now contains information for Emergency and regular support all in one place. It is our informational article to ways to submit tickets and phone numbers to reach support. 

Status Page: 

Information on how to access the status page, turn on status page access, and a link right to http://status.finalsite.com. Get quick updates on the status of our sites right from this button. 

Highlighted Articles and Category Layout

Our new highlighted articles section will help us feature the articles that are timely (like this one) and those that answer our most commonly asked questions! Our new category layout should help you find the topics you are looking for quickly. 

We hope that this new refresh of our support portal makes this easier to find and helps you get the information you need. Have feedback? Please see our Feedback form.

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