Add captions to a video file

Within Resources, you have the option to add a closed-caption file to your videos in WebVTT, or Web Video Text Track, format.

Note: If WebVTT isn't an available format in your video-creation software, there are free conversion tools available online. Use a site such as GoTranscript to convert your caption files to the proper format. Simply choose the WEBVTT output format, paste in the caption file content, and click Convert My File

Once you have a properly formatted file, upload it to Resources to attach the file to the video by opening the video's Quick Panel on the right.

upload caption file to resources in .gif

To display the attached captions in Composer where your video is displayed, follow these steps: 

Note: Even when the element is a Video Element, the element when opened will still say Resource Element Settings at the top.

  • Step 2: Expand out the Audio settings and check the box next to Closed Captions before clicking Save.

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