Redirecting Users to Migrated Posts

After an article from News Manager has been migrated to Posts, you may want that content to remain accessible via its original News Manager URL so that links from older emails or indexed on search engines are not broken.

Rather than maintaining unique pages for each News Manager article, Composer can automatically redirect requests for any News Manager page to an equivalent Posts URL displaying the same content.

From a user’s perspective, the redirection is seamless. When users click on a link to a News Manager article, Composer will automatically point that user to the Posts version of that content (provided the post is published, and is not expired, and the post lives on a board that has a default post page set.)

Composer will also return a 301 (permanent) redirect response to the requesting server, which would prompt Google or other search engines to update their indexes and stop displaying links to News Manager pages.

If the Posts version of the article is expired or not published, Composer will serve up the News page that was originally requested.


To activate redirection:

  1. In Composer, hover over your site’s domain (the blue-shaded button at the top of your page list), click the Action Menu there, and select “Settings.”


  2. Select the “Landing Pages” tab.


  3. Make a note of which page on your site is the designated “News Post Page.”


  4. Navigate to that page in Composer.


  5. Find the “News” element on that page, and open its settings.

  6. In the “General Settings” section, select the checkbox labeled “Redirect migrated News Manager posts to Posts module posts.”


After configuring this setting on the News element on your News Landing Page, any incoming request for News content will be redirected to the equivalent Posts content, when possible.

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