Important Announcement vs. Promotional messages

One of the features schools will notice in Messages is the message types “Important Announcement” and “Promotional.” These two different message types have very different purposes.

Important Announcement emails are “required to fulfill a contract” and will ignore global unsubscribes, and will also not contain an unsubscribe link. Critical message that all parents MUST see would qualify as “Important Announcements,” such as a deadline for re-enrollment or a school closing. Since Important Announcement messages will ignore unsubscribe requests and send a message to everyone on the list, the messages should only include information that is necessary for recipients to interact with the school (such as information about weather delays, critical announcements, etc.). Sending non-essential information as an Important Announcement (that is, ignoring users’ contact request settings for non-critical purposes) may open your school up to legal liability.

Promotional messages will likely make up the bulk of what is being sent. These are your day-to-day messages that you allow people to subscribe and unsubscribe from as they see fit. For example, newsletters -- while they may contain very important information -- or fundraising pleas are considered “Promotional” messages, and schools must legally respect users’ rights not to receive such communication should they so choose.

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