Finalsite Messages: Permissions

Permissions for Messages may be granted to any admin group that has admin access to Composer under Admin Users.

Global permissions

Messages & Lists

For “Messages & Lists,” permission levels are: Not Allowed, View, and Admin. View privileges allow users to view the Lists and Messages tabs and their content, but not make any changes. Admin rights give full access to make changes on these two tabs, including creating a new mailing list. Not Allowed means the tabs won’t be visible.


Templates have the permission levels of “Not Allowed” and “Admin.” Only admin users with Admin-level permission will be able to view the templates tab and edit any content.

Dynamic Content

Dynamic content may be either “Not Allowed” or “Admin.” Users with Admin permissions will be able to view the Dynamic Content tab and edit configurations.

Permissions & Settings

Selecting Not Allowed or Admin for Permissions & Settings determines whether an admin group can view the Permissions and Settings tabs and assign rights levels to other groups (besides their own) or edit the Reply-To Addresses list.

Granular permissions


To access permissions for lists, go to the pink gear icon on the bottom right of the Lists window. Select the “Permissions” tab, and select the group you intend to assign permissions to.

There are four levels of permissions: View; View & Send; View, Edit & Send; and Admin. View means that users can see the list membership and compose a message to that list, but cannot send without approval. View & Send allows users to send a message to the list. View, Edit & Send additionally provides the ability to add and remove subscribers from the list. Admin offers all of the permissions, including the ability to assign permissions to others.


A Messages user who has “Not Allowed” permissions for Templates above can be granted access to individual templates using the pink gear icon on the bottom right of the Template window. Choose the group you would like to assign permissions to. This will allow the users in that group to select that template for composing a new message. If users do not have any template permissions assigned, they will not be able to compose a new message.

Reply-to Addresses

For each reply-to address, you can assign permissions to groups to be able to use it. Click on the gray gear icon to the right of each address to view permissions and select a group to give rights to.

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