PagePop Permissions

PagePops are pop-up messages that appear on specific pages. PagePops can be used to announce weather delays, special events or other items of interest.

Admin users can be granted permission to create PagePops on all pages, or only on specific pages as designated by a site admin.

Note: When granted PagePops permissions, admins will be able to create PagePops everywhere on the site by default. Admins can be restricted to only creating PagePops for selected pages in each page's settings.

Granting PagePop Composer permissions

PagePops can only be created by admins who belong to an admin user group with the "Page Pops" permission in Composer.

To grant PagePop permissions, navigate to the "Permissions" panel in Composer.


(Scroll up to the "Pages" label at the top of the left navigation and click on it to view the Composer menu if you don't see it.)

Next, find the admin user group that should have PagePop permissions on the column at the left of the table:


In the "PagePops" column, use the dropdown menu for each admin user group to set the PagePop permissions for all of the group members.


Select a rights level, then click the "Update" button at the lower-right to save your selection.

The available rights levels are:

  • Not Allowed: Admins with this permission setting cannot create or edit PagePops.
  • View, Edit & Delete: Admins can create new PagePops and edit ones that already exist on pages they have access rights to.
  • Admin: Admins can create new PagePops, edit ones that already exist, and assign PagePop rights to other admin user groups.

Setting Authorized Pages for Admins

Once an admin group has been granted PagePop permissions, site admins can then limit which pages those admins can add PagePops to.

To do this, navigate to a page in Composer, and click the pink "gear" icon in the bottom bar to bring up the Page Settings menu:


Select the "Permissions" tab:


Use the dropdown menus in the "PagePops" column to set whether or not each admin user group's members are "Allowed" or "Not Allowed" to create PagePops on this page:


By default, admin user groups will be set to follow the Global permissions established on the Composer > Permissions screen. If the Composer permissions are set to allow an admin user to edit PagePops, the dropdown menu on the page settings will activate. Admins can then modify the admin's default access level to revoke their right to edit PagePops on this page.

If an admin user group shows "Global Permissions Not Set" on the Page Settings > Permissions screen, that group must have its PagePop permissions set in Composer (see above). Click the text to go directly to the Composer Permissions screen. After the Global permissions for that group are set, they can be overridden on an individual page.


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