Embed a Facebook feed in your group space

Due to Facebook changing their privacy policy, the dedicated Facebook element for group spaces may no longer function correctly and may eventually be disabled. However, Facebook has provided a no-cost way to allow you to feature Facebook posts on any website, including your group space home page. It’s called the Page Plugin.

Go to the link above, and follow the prompts to set up the plugin. In the field provided, enter the URL for your Facebook page.


Use the additional fields and checkboxes to customize the plugin, and view the results in the preview below. When you are satisfied with the results, click on “Get Code” below the preview.

In the popup that appears, choose the “IFrame” tab and copy the code that appears in the gray box.


Once you've copied the code, return to your group space to add the plugin to the home page. Click the "Customize" button to add a new Embed element to the page. Drag and drop the Embed element into the column and position you want. 


Click "Apply" to add the element to your home page. Find your new Embed element on the home page and click the "settings" link to configure it. 


On the Embed Settings window, paste the code you copied from Facebook into the provided field. Click "Update" to add the feed. 


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