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Teams in On are synced by their team name (e.g. "Varsity Soccer").  The sync will not set properties for the team, as there is not a normalized level/gender/sport value in Core.  However, the sync will not overwrite team properties, so once a team is imported you can set those values and they will persist through synchronizations.  If a “blank” team comes through, you can set the properties by referencing the ImportId for the team in the Team Properties view:


If you have existing teams in Finalsite when the sync is deployed, we will work with you to rekey the existing teams.  However, if you see a team imported that SHOULD be matching on existing team, you can ensure that team is updated via the sync:

  1. First, copy the importid value from the newly created team (the duplicate)
  2. Delete the duplicate team, which will also delete the events
  3. Paste the importid into the original team (the one that be updated via the integration) that point, Finalsite Support will need to reset the feed, so please contact us or your deployment contact to do that.  The events will be attached to the proper team without creating a duplicate beginning with the next integration run.

For the sync to work ideally, you should be naming your teams consistently year to year.  So if you have a "Boys Varsity Football" team in one year and then name it "Varsity Boys Football" the next year, the integration will see these as two different teams.  You can correct this by following the instructions for a duplicate team above, and put the new importid on the original team (e.g. replace the "boys-varsity-football" importid on that team with "varsity-boys-football").

Finally, make sure that there is a team in Finalsite for every team in Core, and vice versa. Teams can only be mapped 1-to-1, and cannot be combined, duplicated, split, etc.

Please note: In order for teams to be visible to for Finalsite to sync them, teams need to be published in BlackbaudOn, as well as published to the website.


We’re hoping to add direction/address information to the sync for these, but that is not yet available.  

As with teams, you can update/set properties for the Opponents and Locations in Finalsite, and that will persist.  Again, this is done on string matching, so a location named "Belmont HS" in Core won’t sync with "Belmont High School" in Finalsite.  Ensuring that your opponents and locations are consistently named in both Core and Finalsite will keep the Finalsite data cleaner.


By default, we will set the sync to pull 6 months forward and 2 months back for athletics events. This can be adjusted to fit your specific needs if needed.

The sync will not delete events.  If you need to delete an event in Core that has already synced to Finalsite, you will also need to delete that event in Finalsite.  The best practice here is to mark the event as "Cancelled," which will be reflected in the event’s status in Finalsite. Also, it's a good idea to ensure that events are only published in Core after they've been confirmed and finalized, to minimize the number of corrections needed.


Rosters should stay up to date with the sync if this option is enabled.  This can be toggled on and off, so if you would prefer to not sync rosters until they are finalized, we can disable this and then re-enable it once they are complete. Roster sync can be requested via a Support ticket, but for best results, give Support advance notice of the date it should be enabled as you are working on your integration.  The sync will clear existing rosters as well, so if you want to utilize the roster option, it should be for ALL teams.

It can be helpful to use the “clear rosters” option in Athletics Manager if you are only using the rosters sync sporadically:



Click the link below to download the Athletics Mapping datapoint spreadsheet.

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