File Types Not Allowed in Resources

The following file types are not allowed in resources:

‘action’, ‘apk’, ‘app’, ‘bat’, ‘bin’, ‘cmd’, ‘com’, ‘command’, ‘cpl’, ‘csh’, ‘exe’, ‘gadget’, ‘inf1’, ‘ins’, ‘inx’, ‘ipa’, ‘isu’, ‘job’, ‘jse’, ‘ksh’, ‘lnk’, ‘msc’, ‘msi’, ‘msp’, ‘mst’, ‘osx’, ‘out’, ‘paf’, ‘pif’, ‘prg’, ‘ps1’, ‘reg’, ‘rgs’, ‘run’, ‘sct’, ‘shb’, ‘shs’, ‘u3p’, ‘vb’, ‘vbe’, ‘vbs’, ‘vbscript’, ‘workflow’, ‘ws’, ‘wsf’


HTML (.htm or .html) files can be uploaded, but is not recommended for structured HTML files. In these cases, File Manager is best to ensure that the correct structure is displayed.

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