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What is Messages? 

Messages is Finalsite’s bulk emailing module. Fully integrated with Composer, Messages can use the constituent data you already have to populate mailing lists. It can also automatically insert dynamic content such as calendar events, athletic events, and posts content into message templates, significantly streamlining the process of creating regular messages such as newsletters.

Messages can be launched from the communications menu in your left navigation.

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New interface in 2024!

Messages is being upgraded with a new user interface and experience (UI/UX) in 2024, speeding up and improving your process of sending messages out. Fewer clicks means faster communication. Enjoy the new features you’ve requested, such as the automatic pre-filling of your message into channels and automatic translation. Learn more about how to early opt-in to the upgrade in the article, "New Messages Interface 2024."

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New benefits include: 

  • simplified recipient selection
  • prefilled message screens
  • automatic translation
  • faster channel selection
  • single-scroll preview panel
  • schedule, review, and send all in one screen!

Create groups 

Use Group Manager to create groups which can then added to a mailing list in the Lists feature. Groups are generally more role-based (10th Grade Parents, Faculty, Athletic Teams) so that they can then be added together to a List which is more topical or situational (Weekly Newsletter, Summer Learning). 

Target recipients with Lists

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Once you have created your groups, the Lists feature in Messages is where you can configure recipient lists to help keep your messaging consistent and improve your communication. Create lists for different situations, such as graduation, tutorials, and so much more. 

  • Add recipients to a list individually, by group, contact, or by list upload.
  • Allow users to set their own consent preferences for how they want to receive messages.
  • Set up push notifications for your Finalsite Mobile App. 

Build templates for consistency

  • Reuse a consistent design for repeat communications.
  • Start a message from scratch or, to be more efficient, choose a template from the dropdown to "clone" an existing layout. 
  • Add content to existing templates that could be easily swapped out and updated each time you send out a new message. 
  • Lock your templates down so that admin users can't change certain pieces but only swap out new content and pictures, etc. 

Set permissions for your team

Messages has both global and granular levels of permissions so that you can customize the perfect level of permissions for each member of your team who will be working in Messages with you. 

Create and send out bulk messages and newsletters

It's easy to create and send out a message. Learn more in the article, "Send communication in Messages."

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Analyze success in Messages Reports

After a message has been sent, view the message report by clicking on View Report in the bottom-right corner of the Message Details screen, or clicking on the bar chart icon next to the message in the All Messages list. Learn more in the article, "View reports on message sends." 

How can Messages work for you? 

It's helpful to think about what your goals are and how your school plans to use Messages. Dynamically sync your posts and calendars into a Message newsletter to go out. Promote your school to prospects. How you plan to reach out determines who can be subscribed to a list and how users consent to receive messages.

As you learn more about Messages, you may realize that your goals would be better met through Messages XR, which adds SMS, voice, and social media to your communication channels beyond what Messages offers. Contact your Client Success Manager or email to learn more about how to get started.

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