Configure mailing list settings

To change any of the settings for a mailing list, open up the list and click the “Settings” icon on the bottom right of the screen to open up the List Settings window.


The Settings window has three tabs, “General,” “Permissions,” and “Privacy.”

General tab



Edit the contents of the “Name” field on the “General” tab to change the list’s name. Remember that list names are visible to end users when subscribing to or unsubscribing from the list!

Status Change Email(s)

Status change emails are notifications sent to a site admin whenever a list subscriber changes their subscription status (subscribed to unsubscribed, and vice versa). Add a site admin’s email address to this field to ensure they receive the update emails. Multiple email addresses can be entered, separated by commas.

Allow Mobile Notifications

If you are using our mobile app and would like to enable push notifications for a particular list, enable this checkbox to do so.

Permissions tab


The “Permissions” tab determines who is able to edit this mailing list. Type in the name of a constituent, or use the “Select Group” button to choose a group and select all of its members.

Privacy tab


The “Privacy” tab determines who is allowed to subscribe to this mailing list. If these settings are not touched, the list will be "Admin Only" by default. Edit the settings to restrict the list’s visibility by selecting the roles or groups that will be allowed to subscribe to this list.

To select only members of a given role or group, click the “Constituents Only” button, and select the role/group(s) whose members should be allowed to subscribe to the list.

For example, to make a list that only members of the Faculty & Staff role can subscribe themselves to, click the “Constituents Only” button, and then select “Faculty & Staff” from the “Roles” submenu.

If you would like to open up this list to the public to allow those outside of your constituency to subscribe to this list, select "Everyone."

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