Global permissions

Permissions for Messages may be granted to any admin group that has admin access to Composer under Admin Users. "Global Permissions" are set on the "Permissions" screen, which you can access via the gear icon on the dashboard.

Permissions icon on dashboard top right

These settings determine what each user can do throughout the module.

Messages & Lists

For “Messages & Lists,” permission levels are: Not Allowed, View, and Admin. View privileges allow users to view the Lists and Messages tabs and their content, but not make any changes. Admin rights give full access to make changes on these two tabs, including creating a new mailing list. Not Allowed means the tabs won’t be visible.

Important Announcement Messages

Important Announcement messages ignore recipients’ unsubscribe settings and should ONLY be used to communicate critical information. A best practice is to restrict access to administrative messages to only senior communication authorities. Refer to Consent requirements for text and voice messages for more information about sending Important Announcements.

Admin rights give full access to send Important Messages, while Not Allowed means this option will not be available. Selecting the View & Send permission levels will open a secondary modal where you can select specific channels (according to what’s in your contract) to enable sending privileges: Email, Mobile App, SMS, and Voice. To view or change the selected channels, click the edit pencil next to the dropdown menu.


Templates have the permission levels of “Not Allowed” and “Admin.” Only admin users with Admin-level permissions will be able to view the Templates tab and edit any content.

Additional permissions can be given on a per-template basis (as opposed to global permissions) to define who can use the template when creating a new message.

Dynamic Content

Dynamic content may be either “Not Allowed” or “Admin.” Users with Admin permissions will be able to view the Dynamic Content tab and edit configurations.

Regardless of these permissions, anyone with at least View rights to a list will be able to add any dynamic content configuration into their message.

Find Recipient

Find Recipient may be either “Not Allowed” or “Admin.” Users with Admin permissions will be able to use the Find Recipient search tool to investigate the send history for individual email addresses.

Workflow Messages

Workflow Messages permissions give users access to create messages to be used in the Workflows module. Users with Admin permissions will see the "Workflow Messages" tab on the left navigation.

Preview Merge Tags

The Preview Merge Tags permission controls whether or not the user can see the preview functionality within the message editor. Users with Allowed permissions will be able to see a user's information with merge tags in the Preview mode of the message editor. 

Permissions & Settings

Selecting “Not Allowed” or “Admin” for Permissions & Settings determines whether an admin group can view the Permissions and Settings tabs and assign rights levels to other groups (besides their own) or edit the Reply-To Addresses list.

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