How to allow users to make profile edits

Constituents can be given access to make minor edits on their profiles when they log in from the Profile option within the Account Bar dropdown menu on their login page.  

pointing to the profile button in portal login account menu.png

In order for constituents to have access to make these edits, their Constituent Role Settings must be set to allow for self-editing of profiles.  Go to Constituent Manager > Settings > Constituent Roles > *select a Role* > General Settings tab, and select "Enable self-updating of profiles".


When turning on the “Enable self-updating of profiles” option per Role, it is also recommended that you review the fields available for self updating for that Role, via Constituent Manager > Settings > Constituent Roles > *Select a Role* > Profile Fields Tab > Edit Pencil for a field > Enable updates to this profile field by group constituents, as this controls whether or not users can update their profile fields via the Profile account menu link.

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Users can manage other preferences in this same account dropdown when logged in to their accounts. For example, clicking on "Notifications" can allow them to manage notification preferences. To learn more about this, read our article "Consent preferences." 

pointing to the notifications option in the portal login account menu.png


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