Use timed and delayed Page Pops in Composer

Page Pops includes an option for delayed display, which can be activated as an additional contract item (contact your Client Success Manager for more details). Delaying the display offers you the ability to give users a less intrusive Page Pop experience.

Once enabled, there will be a checkbox within the Display Options section of the Page Pops editor to “Delay Pop Display.”


There are two different configurations for the delayed display, which will be visible after checking the Delay Pop Display checkbox.


The first option is to set the Display Pop value between 7 and 60 seconds, so that the content appears after the user has been on the page for a set period of time. The second option is to have the Pop appear when the user scrolls halfway down the page.

This is an optional setting that you can set on individual Page Pops. Otherwise, the process of setting up the Page Pop is the same as a standard Page Pop, which you can read about here: Page Pops in Composer.

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