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This article refers to our legacy product, eNotify, which will no longer be available and support for the product will be discontinued, effective August 1, 2023. For the best Finalsite experience, we recommend using our Finalsite Messages, which provides enhanced security and reliability for your school's email communication needs. Visit our client portal for additional information and next steps.

If you've been using eNotify and are ready to transition to Messages, you can migrate your mailing lists from one module to the other. However, due to differences in the platforms, everything won't transfer over exactly. This article describes the migration process and how the new mailing list in Messages may differ.

Migrating a list

To migrate a list from eNotify, go to the list and click the orange "Migrate List to Messages" button at the top of the list page.

Migrate List to Messages button

The following warning message will appear. Click "Migrate" to confirm the migration.

Migrate list warning message

Migration summary

eNotify Messages
"Membership in group" dynamic filter Dynamic group subscription
All other dynamic filters X
Groups Dynamic group subscription 
Constituents Subscribers
Email Addresses Subscribers
Unsubscribed "Unsubscribed" status
Bad Emails "Suppressed" status
Display Description List Description
Manager Email(s) Status Change Email(s)
Allow Signups Privacy
Notes X
Categories X
Commerce Options X
Mailing List Rights Permissions

Note: Once a list has been migrated to Messages, it will exist only as "read-only" in eNotify. You'll still be able to send to the list, but you will not be able to add to or resubscribe emails to the list. This is done to preserve the integrity of user consent preferences. 


The process of adding subscribers to a list in Messages has been greatly simplified from eNotify. Most of your subscribers will be transferred over, but filtered subscribers may not be.

Dynamic filters

The dynamic filters employed by eNotify to filter in subscribers are simply a less-powerful version of the dynamic filters used in Group Manager. To avoid duplicating the functionality, Messages relies on Group Manager directly to filter in users to a list. Therefore, the dynamic filters (with the exception of "Membership in Group") will not be carried over when you migrate a mailing list from eNotify. 

If your mailing list utilizes dynamic filters, you should recreate these filters in a group in Group Manager. Then you can add the group to your list in Messages.


Groups will be migrated over as dynamic group subscriptions to the list in Messages. 


Constituents and Email Addresses

Constituents and Email Addresses will be migrated over as "Subscribers" to the list in Messages.

Unsubscribed and Bad Emails

Unsubscribed users and bad email addresses will be migrated over to the list in Messages. These will be labeled as "Unsubscribed" and "Suppressed," respectively, in the Status column. 


The following settings will be transferred over to new locations in Messages, as illustrated below. 

  • Display Description becomes List Description (1)

  • Manager Email(s) becomes Status Change Email(s) (2)

  • Allow Signups becomes Privacy (3)

  • Mailing List Rights becomes Permissions

Settings for eNotify mailing list

Settings for Messages list

The following settings will not be migrated to the list in Messages.

  • Notes

  • Categories

  • Commerce Options


Rights for individuals and groups will be migrated to the "Permissions" section of the list in Messages. The permissions levels will be translated as follows.

  • Send to List, Edit List, and View List becomes "View, Edit & Send"

  • Send to List and View List becomes "View & Send"

  • View List becomes "View"

  • Edit List and View List becomes "View"

  • Send to List and Edit List becomes "View"

List permissions


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