Use free images in templates or messages

A good image can add something special to your message, but you don't always have the right photo at your fingertips. With the "Search free photos" feature in Messages, it's easier than ever to find that imagery and add it directly to your message.

First, drag an Image content block into your message body, then click "Browse" to bring up Resources. Navigate to the folder where you want to store the image you're about to find, then click the gray "Search free photos" button.

Search free photos button in Resources

Note: If you do not have edit rights to the folder you are in, you will not have access to the "Search free photos" feature. A warning message will be displayed if you click the button.

Use the search bar in the dialogue box that appears to browse thousands of images that don't have any licensing restrictions. When you find one that you like, hover over it and click "Import." The image will instantly be added to the selected folder in Resources.

Click "Insert" or the file name to add it to the image block in your message.

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